Weed Fabric is The Perfect Temporary Solution For Weed Suppression

There is nothing a gardener appreciates more than a weed free garden. The author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, once wrote "I would rather do a good hour's work weeding than write two pages of me best - nothing is so interesting as weeding." However, it can be quite exhausting - so it might be better perform the activity in short bursts rather than carrying out the mammoth task all at once. Weeding is actually said to be as good as a gym session. Weeding, at its basic level, only requires hands or weed forks. Many people, however, simply do not have the time to spend hours pulling up weeds. In this case, weed suppressants, such as weed fabric, might be a good temporary option. The weed fabric, or ground fabric, might give at least the illusion of a weed free garden until you have the time to sort the area out properly. When it does come time to weed, the ground fabric will have stopped the weed growth sufficiently for it to be an easier task. When to use weed fabric Avid gardeners often prefer to pull weeds out by hand rather than use ground fabric. But this is not always the most appropriate action to take - although weed pulling using your hands or tools is, without doubt, the most effective method of weed control. Weed fabric is extremely useful in various situations. This is particularly true of gardeners who simply do not have the time to tend to their weeds during the week. It is important to stress that ground fabric must be removed or replaced after ten years. If this is not done, the fabric may keep your soil from thriving. The best possible time to use weed fabric is when you are planning on spending much of your time in the future, but, right now, you simply don't have the time. Weed fabric, in this case, will suppress weeds until you can dedicate more time to your garden.

Another fantastic opportunity to reap the benefits of ground fabric is when you have a brand new garden made up of the bare basics, such as shrubs and heathers. The idea is that after ten years the shrubs will be big enough to shade out the weeds and then the landscaping fabric can be removed. There are also a number of less obvious scenarios in which weed fabric can be particularly useful. Dogs, sometimes, can dig up your freshly planted if this is a concern, landscape fabric will stop them from digging. You will not need it anymore once your plants are fully-grown. If you would like to shape the hillside around your garden properly, ground fabric is an ideal option to hold soil down. When not to use ground fabric It is also important to bear in mind that there are some situations where weed fabric is not appropriate for long periods. Plants that need an extensive amount of nutrients, such as roses, may suffer as a result of using weed fabric. Organic matter will be used up within a few years. Those who like gardens with re-seeding flowers and travelling plants will probably not benefit from weed fabric because it stops seeds from travelling and intermingling. If you like to move things around fairly often, weed fabric can also be a hindrance. As an alternative in these scenarios, a layer of wood chip mulch might do the trick. Many organic gardeners, who have the time to tend to their gardens on a regular basis, often do not approve of using weed fabric. However, as shown there are many situations in which ground fabric is useful or even essential to gardening.

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