Do Munchkin Cats Make Good Pets?

Do Munchkin cats make good pets?
Munchkin cats are not as common as other breeds of cats, but they are still adorable. They are also just as good companions to have in your life. To learn more about them and if they make good pets, here is a list of the top things you need to know about munchkin kittens:

  1. They are one of the newest breeds of cats and were first bred in 1983.
  2. Their short legs help them be more agile and have better balance, which can make it easier for them to get around your house or yard.
  3. While there isn't an exact number of how many breeders exist, most people that breed them will tell you they are happy to hear from anyone who has questions about these lovely creatures.
  4. These cats enjoy being with people and will try their best to be friendly and social even with strangers.
  5. A lot of people use because of how unique this breed is, which often makes it much easier for those looking to add some variety into their lives and homes.

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