A Good Model of Proxy Solicitation is Useful to Prevent Problems

These years are dominated by global financial and economical crisis. In a such stretch of time, a company has to comprehend the necessity to get responsible, applying good measures and best practices, respecting the renewed principles of transparency and regulation of national and international markets.

In July 2011, European Commission published a 'Green Paper on Corporate Governance' (by Medef's Legal Affairs Committee). The intent was to achieve, as primary goal, efficiency standards and rules for European companies. In particular, one of the issues concerned proxy solicitation, and the measures linked to proxy advisers and voting. In the paper it is written that proxy solicitation “consists in protecting the interests of those shareholders who entrust an agent using the exercise of their voting rights”.

What does it mean? How is it possible the effective and efficient protection of stockholders? Due to powerful network of services, including analyses of the companies involved in transactions, corporate governance, board assessment and relations with institutional investors. Among these services, a good and well structured type of proxy solicitation becomes a fundamental benefit of avoid proxy fights and controversial meetings/proposals.

Sodali, the international consultancy recognized as the global leader in investor relations, corporate governance consulting and shareholder transactions, offers a complementary, more comprehensive model of proxy solicitation than traditional ones. It is dedicated to the complete companies' knowledge to take advantage from it. The procedure starts from the collection of all required information to plan a very good campaign. In particular, Sodali promotes a good communication Six months before meeting dates. Asking for Sodali's advises and services means to anticipate and perhaps avoid shareholder activism, contested solicitations and controversial proposal. The goal is to achieve the largest turnout respecting rules and transparency.

Asking for Sodali's advice also means to be sure of following a right method of proxy voting, after the full treatment of the information achieved before the meeting. It is, reasonably, the best way to organize a strategic plan, increasing confrontation among investors, proxy advisers and intermediaries. The success obtained, the strong customer focus in a global environment and, moreover, the 'Code of Business Conduct' provided by the consultancy makes Sodali a company you can rely on. If you need more information visit our site : https://www.omegaproxy.com/

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