Digestive Health And Eating Well

There are children and adults who can rush through eating. They look like people trying to shovel food into their mouths. There is absolutely no chewing involved and such. These people probably do not believe in digestive health or are followers of a gluttony movement or they simply couldn't care less about etiquette. Whatever the case, they open themselves to indigestion.

Digestive health, as a study for gastroenterology, does not recognize gluttony. Overindulgence in food, and then the throwing up involved to make more room for more food is not healthy. The acid reflux which accompanies the vomiting can damage the throat and the esophageal tissues which were not meant to be constantly bombarded by the acid that is normally inside the stomach. Tissues that make up the stomach lining are made of more durable stuff, and they are not in the esophagus or the throat.

To ensure digestive health, the thing to do is to make sure that the food is chewed properly. Smaller pieces make for faster digestion. The smaller the pieces are, the easier for the stomach acid to process and there is less chance in acid reflux. Also, it is best to swallow the food carefully. This makes for the properly chewed food to go down easily and be digested.

In short, everything that etiquette tells us to do when it comes to eating, just follow it. There is logic behind the rules. They were
developed with digestive health in mind. One, the food gets digested faster, two you look good when eating and three, the observers don't get indigestion when looking at you eat.

Now if there is difficulty in swallowing despite the length of time it took to chewing the food properly, then this is a different matter
altogether. This may be a symptom of something more serious and a need to visit the physician is indicated.So even if etiquette is suggested for every meal, there is a reason for it. There is a need to carefully swallow food for a sound digestive health. There was once a question asked a Chinese professor on why they prefer using chopsticks to spoons and forks despite the fact that they are well accepted implements for eating. The answer was seriously given:

"who wants to use a spoon and look like they are shovelling food into their mouths and 

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